First Place:  1 Box of Aristrocrat Gran Rubusto, Travel Humidor, Cutter, and Torch Lighter.


Second Place: 5 Davtian Cigars of choice


Third Place: 3 Davtian Cigars of choice.


Davtian Long ash Competition Rules

1. Each long ash participant picks a Davtian Aristocrat Grand Robusto cigar themselves from the box.


2. If a defective cigar is chosen by a participant and determined to be defective by the judge, the participant can select a new one.


3. The long ash competitor must use a punch cutter. You can punch it more than once to get a bigger cut.


4. Participants have 1 (one) minute to prepare the cigar (cutting).


5. The long ash competitors may have a maximum of 5 (five) matches for lighting their cigar.


6. Participants cannot light their cigars until the judge says - “Start.”


7. Long ash competitors have a maximum of 1 (one) minute to light the cigar.


8. Additional preparation of the cigar is not permitted.


9. The Davtian label must be left on for at least five minutes after lighting the cigar.


10. Your cigar cannot burn through the label.


11. During the competition, it is not permitted to re-light the cigar.


12. It is permitted to talk or consume drinks during the competition.


13.  It is not permitted to put down the cigar; cigar has to be kept in the participants’ hand during the whole competition.


14. It is permitted to walk around and use the restroom, BUT you must take your cigar with you.


The competition is two hours long after the cigar has been cut and lit.


If you drop your ash anytime before the 2 hours, you are eliminated.

If you break any of these rules you are eliminated.


At the end of the competition, when the timer goes off, participants who are still in it will ash their cigars. Judges will come by and measure the cigar from the bottom up to the highest burn line. The shortest cigar wins the competitor. There will be a 2nd and 3rd place prize.

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