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First time ever we presented "The Queen" DAVTIAN Rubina Series on InterTabac 2019, Dortmund, Germany. Exceptional tobacco, fantastic blend and elegant design combined in our new cigar exceeded all our expectations.

Distributors, retailers, experts highly appreciated the new product , and expressed particular interest to DAVTIAN Product.



"Horse Power"|Russia

In the legendary St. Petersburg restaurant "Palkin", located at the corner of Nevsky and Liteiny avenues, a truly historic event took place - the celebration of the tenth anniversary of one of the oldest Russian communities, the most famous cigar club in the country "Horse Power".

Guests were greeted by a welcome buffet with wonderful sparkling wine and other strong noble drinks, as well as an assortment of various Vitolas of DAVTIAN premium cigars.


Meet & Greet|The Netherlands

This time Meet & Greet with DAVTIAN Premium cigars in Eindhoven organized by Tabakado in honor of David Davtian from Davtian Cigars and Steenbook Sigaren.


This was a great opportunity and chance for Dutch cigar aficionados to meet Davtian in person and try his cigars.

Mariska Kelch is the proud owner of Tabakado. She owns the shop with her mother Wil



Presentation and tasting of DAVTIAN Aristocrat Series in Vienna Cigar Club was one of the long awaited events for Austrian cigar society .

Austrian aficionados and connoisseurs  highly appreciated exceptional quality and luxury presentation of the cigars.

During the presentation and meetings in warm and friendly atmosphere Mr. Davtian answered the questions, and shared interesting facts from cigar/tobacco industry.


World Championship|Croatia

We are proud to be a part of Cigar Smoking World Championship Grand Finale in Split, Croatia. As a prize for the winner - World Champion, we presented the golden edition of DAVTIAN Habana Series. Founder of Davtian said “Davtian Cigars are sophisticated and elegant like many of our discerning business customers around the globe.”

DAVTIAN also presented the new releases on the 2rd day of the Championship during the boat tour.