David Davtian – Founder and Owner, started his cigar business in 2003 as a retailer and International Distributor. He spent 7 years in the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Cuba, and Honduras to learn the art and science of tobacco and cigar production.  Mr. Davtian is highly regarded in the cigar society and has been serving the Armenian Cigar Association as President since 2006.


After significant years of field experience, David Davtian established and launched the DAVTIAN brand in the Dominican Republic in 2011. Using premium and selected tobacco for their cigars, the DAVTIAN brand becomes very popular soon after in the European and Asian market. In 2018 the brand was introduced to the US and Canadian markets. DAVTIAN Brand is associated with exceptional quality control and meticulously handcrafted. And in keeping with this highest quality of production, DAVTIAN has become the most sought after boutique brands among cigar connoisseurs.



The quality of the tobacco used is important, but sourcing the best quality tobacco is not the only thing we focus on.  The cigar-making process is a key factor in achieving the highest quality of a specific cigar. If it is under-filled, it will draw easily but burn too quickly, and feel hot and harsh, if it is over-filled it will be difficult to draw on. Finding the perfect combination, and achieving it time after time is what makes a brand stand out from the rest.  That’s why our mantra at Davtian Gigars is “Quality over Quantity” and we do not believe in mass producing cigars.


At Davtian our expectations of the quality of a cigar are only exceeded by that of our customers. While the Davtian cigars have a traditional beginning, our quality control process is a crucial part of production at Davtian, and we ensure consistency, reliability, and the high-quality premium cigar that has become synonymous to the Davtian brand.


Cigars, like a fine wine, are complex and full of variety.  


From the constant care of our tobacco plants and the fields, to picking the tobacco leaves at the perfect time - when it has fully reached maturity - every step of the process will affect the final product.


Our fine cigars are made with three of tobacco leaves, whose variations determine smoking and flavor characteristics:


Capa (“wrapper”)

Capote (“binder”)

Fortaleza (“filler”)


Each component of our cigars is selected carefully to ensure maximum aroma, taste, and oil in our tobacco.



While processing methods vary from factory to factory,  care and professionalism are the slogan for processing of DAVTIAN cigars. Professional fermentation is the priority in the processing stage for making our exceptional product.


Curing and subsequent aging of our tobacco are all done using natural processing which allows the production of various complex compounds in the tobacco leaves which the DAVTIAN Cigars are known for.


There are no artificial ‘flavors’ added to our high-quality tobacco and the total aging process could extend to months for certain cigars.  



While the art of cigar-making begins in the fields, the magic truly happens during the expert touch of a seasoned and expert Master Roller.


DAVTIAN Cigars employes Third and Fourth generation blend masters and rollers who hand press and carefully fold the tobacco leaves that become the fine quality of a DAVTIAN Cigar.


Our highly trained professionals come from families with generations of rollers, who bring their family history, expertise and trade secrets, an expertise rarely found outside of the region. Our handmade masters have held a lifelong career working with many of the top cigar fabricas.


After the gentle touch of one of DAVTIAN Master cigar rollers, the next touch on the exquisite final product is that of the customer.




This is where the magic truly happens.  In keeping with our Quality over Quantity mantra, DAVTIAN rollers are instructed on the daily quantity of cigars to be made each day.

Adhering to the unique blends and proportion the DAVTIAN Cigars are known for, the cigars are then rolled using perfectly designed forms/molds which allow for a consistent smoking experience.


We use the best traditional classic tools for rolling and only all-natural accessories for rolling DAVTIAN Cigars.

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